We, at Velo Domestique, are committed to matching each rider with the right equipment while offering high quality, professional servicing of bicycles. When you are using the appropriate equipment, your riding experience is more enjoyable.

Safety Check

Adjust brakes, derailleurs, check torque on all bolts, and lubricate chain/pivot points . 

Standard Tune-up

Wipe down bike, adjust brakes, derailleurs, check torque on bolts, lubricate chain and pivot points, and true wheels. 


Standard plus remove and de-grease chain, cassette, and chainrings. 

Pro Overhaul

Complete tear down of bicycle to the frame and fork, clean all parts, and rebuild.

*Part replacement for all tune-ups provided at an extra cost

Custom Wheelbuilding

We will create a custom set of wheels based around your riding terrain/style.  Nothing quite rides like a nice set of wheels.