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Bike Services

High Quality, Professional Servicing of Bicycles

We at Velo Domestique are committed to matching each rider with the right equipment while offering high quality, professional servicing of bicycles. When you are using the appropriate equipment, your riding experience is more enjoyable. We provide a full-range of services for your bicycle needs.

Schedule your bike service in advance!

Making an appointment to drop off your bike immediately adds you to our service queue. It does not put you at the front of the line. Therefore we recommend booking at least a week in advance to minimize the days without your bike. Spring and Summer turnaround can be over 10 days, but if you've made an appointment and you're already in our queue,  you'll get your bike back much sooner.

Standard Tune-Up

(Annual Service)


Service includes:

Bicycle Wash

Brake/shifter adjustments

Derailleur adjustments

Torque all bolts

Lubricate drive train & pivot points

Laterally true wheels

* Hydraulic disc brakes extra

Performance Tune-Up

(For those who ride often & love their bike)


Service includes:

Standard Tune-Up PLUS

Remove drive train

Degrease drive train in parts washer

Pro Overhaul

(For the serious rider who wants their bike in perfect order)


Complete tear down of bicycle to the frame and fork

Clean & degrease all components

Rebuild bicycle

Labor for replacement parts included

New parts extra